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Personal Mentorship 

Meet Industry Experts and Alums 1:1 to get the best guidance - be it about career counselling, time management, or anything else you need to talk about.

Performance based referrals

Amazon, BharatPe, Microsoft, Razorpay, and many more Top Tech Companies hire from us. You could be their next hire.

Instructors and Mentors from Top Tech and IIT Graduates

Our instructors are all IIT Graduates and from companies like Tower Research Capital, Amazon, BharatPe, Samsung, and the likes.

Real time Doubt Support

With instant assistance available to you at all times - we make sure your doubts are always attended to and cleared by our team of expert doubt resolvers and mentors.

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Programming Pathshala vs Youtube

We have an amazing bunch of
Instructors and Mentors

Weekly Classes with Industry Experienced Instructors

Vivekanand Vivek

Co- founder at
Programming Pathshala


Bharat Khanna

Co- founder at
Programming Pathshala


Shreyash Jain

Co- founder at
Programming Pathshala


1:1 Mentorship with Industry Experts

Chetan Verma

Mentor at
Programming Pathshala

Rishik Sood

Mentor at
Programming Pathshala


Praveen Krishna

Mentor at
Programming Pathshala

Manav Bhalla

Mentor at
Programming Pathshala

Bhuvnesh Bhuvan

Mentor at
Programming Pathshala

Harshit Jaiswal

Mentor at
Programming Pathshala

Our Success Stories

I have always been a person who wanted a teacher and some proper guidance and I think that Programming Pathshala is best for it.

Yagya Modi

Fortunately, I came across Programming Pathshala on Quora and I was amazed to see awesome reviews. I went through the website and checked the Curriculum, and moreover the fee of the course was in my budget and not overpriced.

Ayush Srivastava

Whatever I am today, I owe it to Programming Pathshala and their life changing course “Renaissance”. I think it is pretty much all we need to build problem solving skills .

Zeal Vagadia

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Up-to 100% scholarships for students in need. Avail now and achieve your dreams.

Get financial aid to study with us.
We extend financial assistance to all who may need it.
Achieve your dreams

We vision access to tech education irrespective of your financial situation or social privileges. If you are from underprivileged background or in a circumstance where you will not be able to afford the course, you can apply for our scholarship. We may take up-to 2 weeks to process your scholarship application.

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